Under the Sounds of Bullets

Sara Swaidek travels back home to Tripoli, Libya. The hope of finding peace is far off as she tries to sleep under the sounds of bullets.

Fainting Distance

New in a foreign city, Carter Vance explores the modern way of meeting people. Everything is digital in our age and it doesn’t look like it will change soon.

Six feet deep

A beloved grandmother’s death sparks unbridled joy at the funeral from the unbelievably dysfunctional Ackerson family.

Mile End to Clydebank

In a heroic attempt to watch Scotland lose at football, Laurence visits an East-End boozer and encounters one of his Scottish compatriots.

Things I Haven’t Said

Michael Herrington recalls his childhood of growing up with a stutter. Commonly misunderstood, living with a speech impediment can affect you in many ways often invisible to the listener.

How to Make it in Modern Art

Making it in the world of modern art is tough. Want the insider’s guide to artistic super-stardom? Here are some secrets of the trade that will capitulate you to be the next Damien Hirst.

Dull and Deluded: Why Your Facebook Posts Suck

Ever wanted to know why your Facebook posts suck? Here are 10 of the most comment Facebook sins committed.

The grim reality of sex after a bunch of booze

City worker, James Richardson, describes an anonymous hook up in a bar and the grim reality of trying to have sex after 12 pints of beer.


The all encompassing nature of alcohol abuse is more of a time filler than anything worthwhile.

Goodbye yellow brick road

Frank Sonderborg goes back to 1973 and the dawn of Ireland in the E.U. An opportunity to work, drink, screw and smoke abroad proves a great draw in Europe.

Nursing: It’s not a vocation if you hate it

The endless cycle of work and hate and the world of nursing is revealed by a desperately exhausted Caitriona Murphy.

Cultural appropriation

Jeff Nazzaro talks culture on the LA subway system on his daily commute to and from work.

Breakfast shift Brexit

Laurence takes a prozaic look at his experiences with European management, and the imminent brexit and comes to the same conclusion. Work is terrible.

Sluggies: Hostel to the stars

Frank Sonderborg reflects on his son’s tricky ascent into the world of I.T. Featuring tramps, drugs, a low-cost hostel and a disgruntled Dane.

The Grudge Elephant

Sarah and Michaels lives are becoming a misery. So they buy an elephant to take away the pain.


As the rent goes up but his bank account stays the same, Sean Preston reluctantly decides to leave his beloved Limehouse.

If we build it : the reality of being homeless

The reality of being homeless exposed by those currently living it.

Paying Dues

Hanna Abi Akl takes a good, hard look at his work life and then chooses freedom instead.

The Gap Year

Dr Angus Zaius remember a beery incident from his gap year in Australia

Long way to the top

Frank Sonderborg remembers a groundbreaking gig to literally dozens of people in Surrey. It’s a long way to the top if you wanna rock ‘n’ roll.

An evening among the condos

Pursuing potential sexual relations in the vast suburban sprawl of middle America is far from easy as our hero gets lost amongst the condos.


S.F. Wright takes a job in a CD store to stave off his parents’ worries, but quickly finds himself in a world of bureaucracy and “shrink”.

12 fragments of a first job

Adventure, excitement and drugs. All the things that don’t appear on a resumé.

The Freeze Response

Amy Oestreicher documents the human response to abuse