A Better Type of Buzz

Frank Sonderborg receives a phone call from an old work colleague who is currently in jail for robbing a string of post offices alongside a group of French thieves. Drink, drugs, and Euro-hijinks galore. Some buzz…

Retail Tales with Brian Brehmer: The Last Day

In the final chapter of Retail Tales with Brian Brehmer, the author looks back to the feeling of a last day at work.

Computers and Retail

Brian Brehmer looks into how computers have made ordering a milk deliver anything but easy. Retail Tales is back.

Our Year of Living Ridiculously

As lockdown leaves her student community stranded, Annalise Murray and her flatmates get creative with the help of TikTok and an abundance of television.

Somewhat More Than Zero

Leah Mueller, the voice of everyday America, returns to Talking Soup with a tale of love, music, and work from 1980s Chicago.

Which One Today?

When the desire arises, Ken Cumberlidge occasionally wishes he could wear women’s clothes. In this personal essay, he reflects on what this might mean in modern society.

Have You Suffered an Injury at Work That Wasn’t Your Fault?

Brian Brehmer, no stranger to being injured in the workplace, again descends into bureaucratic hell in order to make a compensation claim. 


How turning 40, bad tapioca, and my father’s death turned me into a foodie. Grief and loss lead the author into a food-based voyage of epic proportions.


A family tale of emigration, tradition, and future. Becca Miles joins Talking Soup with a story as carefully crafted as freshly made hamantaschen.

Vengeance is Mine

The writing process is a long and hard one. If at first you don’t succeed…find an inspirational arachnid. Graeme Hunter joins Talking Soup with a tale of rejection, acceptance, and joyful vengeance.

The Night Shift

A liminal zone, where daytime rules need not apply. George Aitch looks into the experience of working the night shift.

Retail Tales with Brian Brehmer: Invisible Employees

Brian Brehmer looks into an unusual phenomenon in the world of retail; the invisible employee.

Retail Tales with Brian Brehmer: Too Many Managers

Brian Brehmer has a look around him and sees managers, managers, and more managers.

Some Blockchain with your Cheese Sir?

Frank Sonderborg muses on cryptocurrencies and Blockchain, and wonders what it all means for the world…and the wine industry.

Retail Tales with Brian Brehmer: Inclement Weather

Brian Brehmer goes into the absurd world of retail in conditions of inclement weather. Tornado? Hurricane? Snow? You’d better believe you are expected to clock in.


Jan Nasrullah Rylewicz joins Talking Soup with a reflective piece on how technology can take over one’s life, and the desire to not see it happen to those we love.

Retail Tales with Brian Brehmer: Job Titles

Brian Brehmer goes into the confusing world of job titles in the joy of working in retail. This is how management get away with paying you less.

Retail Tales with Brian Brehmer: The Transfer

Brian Brehmer is torn from the relative comfort of his store to be transferred to another, then another, then another. It can only be Retail tales.

Tunnel Under Greenwich

Deptford native, George Aitch, takes us under the Thames through the largely unknown Greenwich Foot Tunnel. The soul of London lies in its hidden places.

Cocktail Night

From friendship to growing up, Esther Hope Arthurson gives us a snippet on life on cocktail night.

Retail Tales with Brian Brehmer: Inventory

Brian Brehmer describes the utter soul-destroying misery of an inventory in the world of retail.

I Hate Bedbugs

In her latest rant from across the pond, Stacey Orth describes how bedbugs have driven her to the brink of complete despair.

Retail Tales with Brian Brehmer: A Visit from Corporate

When a nameless corporate stooge comes to check the shop, Brian Brehmer and the retail crew attempt to appease the managerial presence.

Retail Tales with Brian Brehmer: The Job Application

Retail veteran, Brian Brehmer, looks into the life-sapping questions on a standard job application form. It can only be Retail Tales.