Short Stories

Love in the West Midlands

From 90s suburban Coventry, Holly Watson recalls stories from her childhood. This time she looks at a relationship between her Aunty Mandy and her husband SImon, a man so boring as to drive you to tears.

Welcome To The United States

The security man gives a mean, hawking cough and raises his hand over the glass to wave through the next victim. I mutter my thanks, grab my visa and scurry away. Welcome to the United States, you youthful, naïve ignoramus.

Under the Sounds of Bullets

Sara Swaidek travels back home to Tripoli, Libya. The hope of finding peace is far off as she tries to sleep under the sounds of bullets.


The all encompassing nature of alcohol abuse is more of a time filler than anything worthwhile.

The Rent Boys

Tadhg Muller goes into the gritty world of rent boys in West London

A Cat, a Smoke and $84.97

Autobiographical musings on a day of cats, cigarette smoke and money in Australia.

Exterminating Angel

Bedbugs, the blood-sucking perverts of the pest world and one man’s journey to rid America of them.

Favourite Day

A man tries to flirt with an unsuspecting woman only to discover something he was not expecting.

A Fire for Help

It had been years since our father left. Our mother held a secretary job during the day and was no match for Dominic and I working to extend our freedoms.

The Plumber

A struggling writer works in a cafe and discovers a secret business operating in his workplace.

The Best Easter of My Life

Found on the shores of The West Midlands, Holly Watson tells the tale of a young girl’s experience growing in 90s Britain. This was an Easter to remember.

A Renaissance of Atonement and Music

Acclaimed writer, Mitchell Grabois, explores life, work and women in “A Renaissance of Atonement and Music”.

Did you wash these dishes?

Family life can be a real lottery sometimes. When bullying permeates home life who do you turn to?

The Papoose

The London Underground is my safe haven. Many people hate it; but for me, there is no other place that could give me the same, dependable experience.


How do you cope with the death of a child? “Replacement” deals with the fallout from family tragedy.


Jack is a liar. He doesn’t know why. Sometimes the white lies cover something altogether darker.

When I Close My Eyes

Short story by Sonia Gandiaga, based on the true story of Pony the Orangutan. Pony was captured and used as a prostitute in a Bornean village until his rescue.

Lance the gentleman shapeshifter

Down and out in London but way too skint to make it to Paris we introduce lance, the gentleman shapeshifter.

Sour Mash

When I was 10 years old I got drunk and was abused by my stepfather. I will never forget the taste of Jack Daniels, the taste of sour shame.

Clown Chronicles: Epilogue

The Clown Chronicles is a four part short story by American writer Leah Mueller. In the final part, an ex clown visits her former employer.

No Trespassing

No Trespassing is a short story by Kat Klima. An unsuspecting saleswoman gets an unwelcome response when she visits a trailer park.


Can you keep a secret?

Can friends keep secrets? A short story by Paul Beckman.

clown-chronicles-part 3

Clown Chronicles: Part Three

The third part of the Clown Chronicles, a short story by Leah Mueller set in 1980s Chicago.

like joe - talking soup

Like, Joe

I was a simple sixth grader, hanging myself along poles that formed a fence dividing the school from the strip mall. The ropes didn’t seem that tight. Joe grabbed me from my self-made death sentence