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Working in a Canning Factory

I took a job in a factory that cans peas, a less than rosy introduction to the working world.


Nick Sweeney returns to Talking Soup to bring us a story of a job working with disabled children. Fundraisers, misunderstanding, unbearable ignorance and the misuse of the word ‘rewarding’, ring any bells fo anyone?

Back to the Football #3 Sants vs Hospitalet

Since the last entry, the boys of UE Sants have gone through something of a revelatory experience. What I mean by this is that they have won, twice in fact, including a comeback 4-3 victory against the adorably monikered Poble Mafumet, a performance reminiscent of the 2005 Champion’s League Final, or so said some throaty drunk bloke.

Back to the Football #2 UE Sants vs Granollers EC

One of the joys of this level of football, a joy that detracts somewhat from the actual football itself, is the rapture of proximity. Whatever trials and tribulations the working week throws at you, however painful the boredom of retirement or the frustration of youth, all the rage that you carry can be readily directed at an arbitrary arbiter, or whoever is playing on the wing next to the only stand.

Back to the Football with Laurence Rivers #1 UE Sants vs Terrassa FC

Summer’s over and like it or loath it, football is back. Green and white hoops are the colours of debatable success, conjuring up images of Sporting Lisbon, Real Betis, Celtic, maybe even Yeovil Town and as UE Sants graced the packed ‘Energia’ stadium, clad in the virescent and wan kits that defined last year’s halcyon days in Spain’s fifth tear ‘Primera Catalana’.

Just Standing There in the Dark

The basic truth of long-distance public transport rest stops is that although you get the stop aspect, no-one rests. This is due to a potent mix of acute social awkwardness, muzak and bad colour schemes. An empty bladder, stretched legs and popped-up blood sugar at a premium price is the best combo you can hope for.

Language and Football

To me, both language and football can give sensory pleasure to the ears and eyes respectively. When I hear a well-composed sentence, it evokes an appreciation of something far beyond the successful exchange of information. Equally, for an impartial observer in football, a crisply struck shot finding the top corner is of far more sensory merit than a deflected, scrappy effort sliding its way into the net, though there is no difference in terms of reward.

The Last Day of Term

Last week David pulled his pants down in the class and farted in another boy’s face. David farts all the time. He loves the smell and sound of his own farts as do the rest of the class, chortling away when he breaks wind for the tenth time in the hour. David is also a racist, making Chinese eyes or calling the Latin-Americans dirty monkeys. David is 13 years old. There’s not much of a positive spin you can put on that ergo the utter bollocks above.

Beyond Work: Shopping Centre Santa Claus

Beyond Work documents humans at work using words and reportage photography, with no judgement or glorification. It’s an attempt at unearthing the social, cultural and functional world of work that’s invisible in everyday life. In this series, Curtis James interviews John Prior, a man who dresses up as Santa Claus at Churchill Shopping Centre in Brighton, UK.

Beyond Work: The Indoor Postal Worker

Beyond Work documents humans at work using words and reportage photography, with no judgement or glorification. It’s an attempt at unearthing the social, cultural and functional world of work that’s invisible in everyday life. In this series, Curtis James interviews Andrew James, a man who has been working as an Indoor Postal worker for the past 37 years.

Welcome To The United States

The security man gives a mean, hawking cough and raises his hand over the glass to wave through the next victim. I mutter my thanks, grab my visa and scurry away. Welcome to the United States, you youthful, naïve ignoramus.

My Son is Homeless

My son is a 42 year old homeless man who lives on the streets of West Oakland. This is not only our story, most homeless people that you see have a family somewhere.

Things I Haven’t Said

Michael Herrington recalls his childhood of growing up with a stutter. Commonly misunderstood, living with a speech impediment can affect you in many ways often invisible to the listener.

Cultural appropriation

Jeff Nazzaro talks culture on the LA subway system on his daily commute to and from work.

Breakfast shift Brexit

Laurence takes a prozaic look at his experiences with European management, and the imminent brexit and comes to the same conclusion. Work is terrible.


As the rent goes up but his bank account stays the same, Sean Preston reluctantly decides to leave his beloved Limehouse.

Paying Dues

Hanna Abi Akl takes a good, hard look at his work life and then chooses freedom instead.

Why we like stories

People tell stories to insulate themselves from harder truths.


Kathy Garland takes a step back and reviews the homeless of Duval County, FL.

How to be a Decent Cashier

Personal perspective takes a strange turn after working as a cashier for a long time.

Inside Stories from the Music Industry

Our resident music industry man, Julian Beach, explains why he is not currently a millionaire. It’s all down to the 80/20 split.

The Wedding

A funny recollection of a wedding that wasn’t to be from a young girl growing up in 90s Britain.

Fear and Loathing in Indonesian Toilets

Any expat eventually has to assimilate into the local culture, regardless of how low you feel you must stoop.

Millennial Writing Life

I’m a millennial, a writer and I have dyspraxia. My history of being socially isolated by my peers has made me stronger and wiser.