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I Hate Bedbugs

In her latest rant from across the pond, Stacey Orth describes how bedbugs have driven her to the brink of complete despair.

Driving Corpses for Money

The following is an excerpt from Brandon Christopher’s book ‘The Job Pirate: An Entertaining Tale of my Job-Hopping Journey in America’.

The Summer I Dated a Drag Queen

I went to London with trashy dreams, expecting to finally have the sexually free gay experience. I dated a drag queen one summer but it didn’t work out.

How to Sell Wine

Not everyone who drinks wine has any idea what the fuck they’re drinking. I sell wine and these are the things that piss me off about the job.

I Was Verbally Abused by a Tudor

I was verbally abused by a Tudor pedlar at the weekend. That is not a sentence I ever expected to write but I write it now in a fit of pique.

Confessions of a Bad Waitress

I am a bad server. A very bad server. And I do not enjoy my job at all. But I make money and I won’t be doing this forever.

The Sunday Historian

For ten hours on a few Sundays I had the chance to sit and talk with Louis Tindle Dees. I normally found him enthralled in a thick book about Winston Churchill, watching the latest news, or working an intricate puzzle with pieces too numerous for me to even attempt at age 29. He had just turned 92 years old.

A Kind of Vertigo

Viewing Renaissance art can be numbing. Let’s be honest, it can be boring. To some, it might even seem irrelevant. We’ve all taken some art history classes and/or sat through tiresome exams where we’ve crammed so many dates and names and mediums into our heads we’ve vomited oil on canvas for eight months straight.

The irrelevance of TEFL

The relevance of language is lost in the world of TEFL, stumbling as we do through archaic grammar and pointless structures that most English speakers don’t know let alone use. It is a language that is not in anyway applicable to the reality of daily life and, consequently, defeats the purpose of a language.

Q&A with a Popular Tinder Blogger

We hear from the author of ‘My Tindertainment’ a popular online tinder blog detailing one girl’s sexual encounters in the tinderverse.

Beaver Eating at Burning Man

The words “Great Canadian Beaver-Eating Contest” caught my eye. In another environment, this would have been too good to be true, but at Burning Man festival, where displays of public sex were common, it wasn’t a surprise. In the spirit of adventure, I decided to check it out.

The Grudge Elephant

Sarah and Michaels lives are becoming a misery. So they buy an elephant to take away the pain.


S.F. Wright takes a job in a CD store to stave off his parents’ worries, but quickly finds himself in a world of bureaucracy and “shrink”.

Year of the Gun

One toy gun causes an arms race in a Danish kindergarten

Keep on Painting

Writer, Joseph Meehan, spends a day with some of Oakland’s premier graffiti artists.

Selling the Americas

Alessandra Bergamin takes a trip to Melbourne’s “Discover the Americas” expo

The Rent Boys

Tadhg Muller goes into the gritty world of rent boys in West London

Temping in America: Part II

Matt Micheli continues his odyssey through temping work in America

Selling Phone Sex in the 80’s

In a time before phone sex lines, Leah Mueller finds herself selling packages of potential lust to lonely American men.

Giving up Alcohol

I stand for a while with the glass in my hand, and then I throw it against the wall. Giving up alcohol is tough but I’m one day off four months sober.

From Telemarketer to Manual Labourer

Matt Micheli, fired from his job as a telemarketer, finds himself at a temping agency, seeking solace in the one industry that doesn’t care. Manual labour.

I Survived 27 Surgeries

I may not have a stomach but I sure am hungry for life. 10 years and 27 surgeries later, this is my story.

Too High Too Far Too Soon

An excerpt from Simon Mason’s “Too High Too Far Too Soon”, a revelatory rock ‘n’ roll memoir of a life of drugs, Britpop and spiralling drug addiction.

Bees to Honey

Life and tribulations of a gay millennial living in Minnesota.