Storm the Palace and Louis Rive talk about music

I guess they’re the kind of lyrics most songwriters would use as a place-holder before coming up with something more universal and generic. Apparently the Beatles song ‘Yesterday’ was originally about bacon and eggs, but obviously McCartney decided to change the words to something more commercially viable. Thankfully commercial viability isn’t something I need to worry about. And for me, at least, I still find the lyrics quite meaningful as they are.

Folk Music is Dead with Laurence Rivers

Folk music, formerly the prerogative of ale-swilling beardies, is now cool, a bit like smashed avocado and Swedish backpacks. What happened to the old scene? Where are the pork scratchings? What happened to ‘Dirty Old Town’ gurgled into a pint glass for single figure audiences?

Spotlight on an Actress: Sarah A. Wessendorf

As the first part of our ‘Spotlight’ series we focus on individuals trying to make a name for themselves in the creative industries. Sarah A. Wessendorf is a German actress and artist currently based in Berlin.  She has caught all the right eyes with her talents ranging from painting to dance and acting. Sarah sat down with us to talk about her career in acting and her latest project the film “When kingfisher catch fire“.

The Sunday Historian

For ten hours on a few Sundays I had the chance to sit and talk with Louis Tindle Dees. I normally found him enthralled in a thick book about Winston Churchill, watching the latest news, or working an intricate puzzle with pieces too numerous for me to even attempt at age 29. He had just turned 92 years old.

Q&A with a Popular Tinder Blogger

We hear from the author of ‘My Tindertainment’ a popular online tinder blog detailing one girl’s sexual encounters in the tinderverse.

An Interview with Scottish Cult Hero Jesse Rae

Talking Soup caught up with the ‘godfather of Scots-Funk’ turned politician, Jesse Rae after the 2015 UK general election.