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Talking Soup Talks #2: Leah Mueller

Talking Soup Talks #2: Leah Mueller

Our editors sit down with writer and performer, Leah Mueller, to discuss her plethora of life experiences. Inspired by the likes of Don Marquis, Charles Bukowski and many more commentators of the underside of the American dream, Leah brings a great wealth of tales, from the crazy to the tragic. From working as a ‘sales clown’ in 1980s Chicago, to a short lived stint as a topless dancer in New Orleans, Leah’s writing takes in all aspects of American daily life, from the dead-end jobs to the humanity in mundanity.
Talking Soup Talks is always looking for new stories. If you are a writer, performer or simply have a story to tell, then get in touch with us here.

Cover image courtesy of Tim Vrtiska via Flickr

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