Work and Play

Stories about the daily grind of work.


Laurence’s adventures through life continue as he begins a job as a teacher in a primary school.

Temping in America: Part III

The conclusion of Matt Micheli’s journey through temping jobs in America.

How to be a Decent Cashier

Personal perspective takes a strange turn after working as a cashier for a long time.

Temping in America: Part II

Matt Micheli continues his odyssey through temping work in America

Boys, Booze and Bathrooms

Laura Smith documents the “living for the weekend” lifestyle in middle America in a tale of boys, booze and bathrooms.

The Inner Dialogue of Retail

The inner dialogue between a cashier and an overworked mother in small town America. A must for all those who have worked behind the counter.

Selling Phone Sex in the 80’s

In a time before phone sex lines, Leah Mueller finds herself selling packages of potential lust to lonely American men.

Inside Stories from the Music Industry

Our resident music industry man, Julian Beach, explains why he is not currently a millionaire. It’s all down to the 80/20 split.

From Telemarketer to Manual Labourer

Matt Micheli, fired from his job as a telemarketer, finds himself at a temping agency, seeking solace in the one industry that doesn’t care. Manual labour.

The Business End of the Music Business

A larger-than-life character provides a constant source of frustration for our music industry insider.


Laurence’s fragile relationship with Desmond, a drunk kitchen porter.

Bees to Honey

Life and tribulations of a gay millennial living in Minnesota.

Don’t Ever Become a Nurse

I can honestly say that my decision to become the Florence Nightingale of the 21st Century was probably one of the dumbest decisions I made.

Monkey’s Blood

What to do when a job interview becomes too much to handle.

Commuter Hell

Commuter hell. They were supposed to be on strike. I have sunk the best part of a bottle of whiskey in anticipation for travel chaos leading to a day in bed eating toast.

I’m sooo tired

I look beside me at the 24 foot table replete with 350 identically polished glasses arranged in neat diamond-like rows. Boring? This is events catering.


Anonymous Hotel Work

Today I am at a famous London hotel. All complete bollocks as I stare into the abyss of the staff changing room, with the smell of BO and shoe polish all too prevalent.

Drunk: Faecal Adventures on Public Transport

Laurence’s drunk adventures on London public transport turns messy as he and his underpants are left in a compromising predicament.

Unemployment for dummies

Unemployment for dummies, the day adulthood becomes a reality. Short story by Aj Binash.

The bad neighbour Trevor

Unemployment and the consequences of action with the neighbour Trevor.