The Soup Bowl

A Day at the Races: Part II

The second and final part of Joseph Meehan’s account of dollar day betting at Golden Gate Fields racing track.

A Day at the Races: Part I

‘Dollar Days’ in Golden Gate Fields, California. Lured by the cheap prices I decided it was time to delve into the culturally transcendent world of gambling.

Bingo, Football & Fascists

Drunken antics, bingo, Nazi grass and fascist salutes await Laurence as he takes a trip to a Real Betis football away match.

A Thousand Signatures

I’ve always wanted to get married and live a gay American dream; a queer version of my parents marriage which is still going on strong.

The Boy after the Boy who cried Wolf

I have lung cancer, stage 1, prognosis says two-to-five years if I continue to refuse treatment. I’m not lying.

Politics in Lebanon is a hereditary illness

The phoenix has won the cockfight, but now it’s limping around in a heap of blood and feathers. Politics in Lebanon is a hereditary illness.

Running of the Bulls

Trouser-less and here in rural Spain. This is how the “Carnaval” finished for me.

Soup Kitchen: Derby Day Tales from Football Fans

Soup Kitchen Part Two: Three stories from some of the bitterest rivalries in world football, as told by the fans themselves.

you have lovely eyes, have my flowers - talking soup

Mind the Gap

I’ve heard it said there’s no getting away from the fact that my wheelchair does make me more eye-catching, especially to those who’ve had a bit too much to drink.

A girl with tutus and point shoes

Sometimes I wish I had a normal childhood. One where there is time to play with other kids. When I was born my mum exclaimed joyfully: ‘She is going to be a ballet dancer’.

Ginger Syrians

Ginger Syrians, or ‘Gyrians’ as we know them are not just a curiosity in Aleppo, but a phenomenon. Michael Stark writes about drinking culture in Syria.

Using Public Transport in a Wheelchair

Alex Taylor discusses his experiences using london public transport as a wheelchair user