It was about 8 AM and the train was packed. People sat there staring inertly into the small light of their smart phone screens. At the interchange people got up, crossed the platform, got into another train and went straight back to their electronic solace.

There were thousands of people packed together but the sense of cialis generique loneliness was all too prevalent. But what did their glowing screens hold? Surely something of note? Something to cut through the drudgery of modern living? No. Lists. Endless, banal lists detailing pointless information. We shut ourselves underground in a metal tube, not communicating with our fellow human and all the while transfixed by computerised lists.

Talking Soup was conceived somewhere on a park bench in North London. Polish lager at £1 a can flowed liberally as always for a Tuesday evening and together we thought that all this banality of everyday life was actually quite interesting.

We believe that telling a story is just that, a story. Not a set of funny images of dogs or 25 things to do on your stag weekend. We’re not happy with the influx of click bait journalism that has saturated the web and together we hope to create a publication that puts the spotlight back on traditional long form storytelling.

Inspired by the never ending cycle of work and play that takes us from school and delivers us conveniently by the graveyard, Talking Soup aims to showcase the everyday life experience through the written word.

Enjoy Talking Soup for what it is, views served from a dirty bowl.

Latest Stories

Welcome To The United States

The security man gives a mean, hawking cough and raises his hand over the glass to wave through the next victim. I mutter my thanks, grab my visa and scurry away. Welcome to the United States, you youthful, naïve ignoramus.

Beaver Eating at Burning Man

The words “Great Canadian Beaver-Eating Contest” caught my eye. In another environment, this would have been too good to be true, but at Burning Man festival, where displays of public sex were common, it wasn't a surprise. In the spirit of adventure, I decided to check it out.

My Recovery from Schizoaffective disorder

Recovering from schizoaffective disorder was a moment to moment battle that I fought every day. There were many losses and also a number of victories as I struggled through the trauma, social dysfunction, OCD, mania, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia symptoms, and everything else that was hampering me.

My Son is Homeless

My son is a 42 year old homeless man who lives on the streets of West Oakland. This is not only our story, most homeless people that you see have a family somewhere.

Stealing My Story

After Rolling Stone famously retracted their 'Rape on Campus' story, Joy Saint James ponders whether we have started to lose faith in first person accounts of rape.

Fainting Distance

New in a foreign city, Carter Vance explores the modern way of meeting people. Everything is digital in our age and it doesn't look like it will change soon.